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SDB 1.4 Released

SDB 1.4 has been released. The change log is here. A binary release is available, though you can also just build from source using the v1.4 Git tag.

This release is mainly about improving the user experience:

  • Line numbers are now shown in output from the src command, making it much easier to manipulate breakpoints as you go along. No more switching to a text editor to get line numbers.
  • When no source code is available, SDB will now show disassembly for any such stack frames, instead of showing nothing.
  • You can now define command aliases to optimize your workflow.
  • A default location can now be set for the debugger database, making the db command significantly less tedious to use.
  • The debugger database can now be saved automatically on shutdown and loaded automatically on startup.
  • The environment variable table (and thus env list output) is now sorted.

However, this release also contains a fancy new feature: The jump command. This is commonly known as ‘set next statement’ in IDEs. SDB supports it both on a source line level, but also on an instruction level.