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ExMake 0.3.2 Released

ExMake 0.3.2 has been released. The change log is here. A binary release is available, though you can also just build from source using the v0.3.2 Git tag.

This release is mostly about incorporating some feedback I got on Reddit. In particular:

  • phony is now task. The old name was obscure and only made sense if you’d dealt with POSIX make in the past.
  • There is now support for fallback tasks. These run when an invalid target is given on the command line. They are ExMake’s equivalent to make’s special .DEFAULT target.
  • File, IO, Path, and System are now automatically imported in all build scripts. The functions in these modules are used commonly enough that there really was no excuse for ExMake not importing them.
  • Trailing _ argument patterns in rules/tasks can now be omitted, reducing the syntax noise a bit.