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Now With Delta Engine

Update: Due to disagreement with the way the Delta Engine folks handle remote workers, I’ve left. Fortunately, Xamarin had an open engineering position, so I’ve returned to work on Mono for Android and MonoTouch.

As of this week, I’ve started working for Delta Engine GmbH.

Specifically, I’ve been hired to work on the cross compiler that the cloud-based build service will use to port C# code written for the regular .NET Framework 4.5 profile to various other targets (such as Windows Phone 7 and 8, Windows 8, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, etc). This work is going to involve a lot of semantic analysis and rewriting of C# code and even translation from C# to other languages (such as C++ and Java).

This is the first position I’ve filled that actually involves compiler technology directly, so I’m very much looking forward to the work I’ll be doing with the Delta Engine folks!

The first few weeks of my Delta Engine work are likely to distract me a bit from my work on various open source projects, but I plan to get back to those very soon. In particular, I’ve been making some great progress with the design of Flect that I’ll be blogging about soon.